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August 14th, 2013, 17:49
Thanks for the kind comments

GBG - the micromanagement in dragon form is a pain though - you can't select unit types directly at first, so you have to do a blunt 'all nearby' type selection and then tab-cycle through the different unit types in your selection, at which point you can then use the unit's ability. But targeting that ability is sometimes a pain in dragon form, so is building units - it's possible, but not very user-friendly while in dragon form so I found myself having to jump out of dragon form to do that kind of thing.. only the summoning/dispelling restrictions of when you can get out/come into dragon form start getting in the way!

I don't mark them down for it too much - they've done a very good job with the tricky task at hand (must have been a control/UX nightmare to design for), but the control issues were one (but not the only) factor in why I didn't enjoy the RTS sections as much as I do in dedicated RTS games.
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