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August 14th, 2013, 18:14
Yeah, I'd not really followed in detail the development of this game, but it does seem to have changed quite a lot looking at preview articles etc. That's a really good sign IMHO of how Larian Studios take feedback and testing seriously - you can see in Dragon Commander several situations where you know they've put a solution in place as a result of feedback. It must take quite a lot of guts, but I think in nearly all cases it was worth it.

The custom campaign is another example - rather than just give us the single player campaign, and RTS multiplayer, they've put a lot of effort into the 'skirmish' equivalent and effectively said 'why don't you try the game with game rules of your choosing and see if you find one you like more than our defaults'. I want to finish a few more original campaign play-throughs first but I'll certainly take a look at this mode in the future (D'artagnan might be covering it too? I don't know!) - I do know they made some big changes related to it in yesterday's patch so it's worth keeping an eye on going forwards.
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