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August 14th, 2013, 18:56
I love the political satire and Larian's trademark irreverent wacky humor. it is not meant to be taken on face value/completely seriously but it certainly contains political commentary and the results integrate well with the strategy layer.

Perhaps a good idea would be a sort of escalating seriousness of the issues at hand towards the end of the campaign as not to offset too much the "darkening climax" (such as it is ) of the storyline .

I do love the caricaturing of certain political stereotypes that contain pretty much the whole spectrum of parties/view-types (and their followers). You had your fascist/pious fundamentalist bastard, your lefty treehugger, your traditional right wing capitalist, your
Hmm, Nordic type socialist ? and your crazy no morality science-freak/technoGeek thrown in for good measure… Hilarious

I quite disagree on the Dragon not being powerful enough. After mid chapter 2, having researched everything (and having hundreds of unused rps by the end) you just put on the shield, zipped to the other end of the map, used dread roar + eye of the Patriarch + pillar of flame then mop up = there goes an army. Then if they became dangerous you zipped back to where your army had dug in so the combinations of buff auras and mass healing makes for entrenched position capable of taking multiple sized waves of enemies…

I have no trouble letting the dragon die or get out of the form when wanting to do complex stuff. The 20 recruits cost is paltry once you have enough recruitment centers.

Generally speaking I agree with the overall sentiment though: Larian has a pretty good game on their hands but they could have a great one with some polishing and fine tuning.

Other than bug fixing and patching, fixing AI dumbing out on RTS etc. they should take a look at the aggressiveness of the AI on the strategy map i.e. At no point was i feeling particularly harried as a slow defensive player being able to max everything pretty early and trivializing the end game. Perhaps retune and rethink some wacky strategy to RTS rules when i.e you have a 80% advantage going in and the game is telling you that you have a boatload of units and the defenders a handful, but when the RTS starts you have less than a handful while a huge effing army is barreling down on you coming apparently out of thin air.

That is when I said screw it and put the RTS speed back to slow (I've put it back on Normal when the game was becoming way too easy but this was not worth it )

Still, minor complaints and all, had a great bit of fun. Great treat for the first part of my vacation. Will now be picking up my Divinity 2 replay and finally hope to finish that one at last. I will certainly enter Maxos's temple with a different mindset this time

P.S: Racism and gender/sexuality discrimination not a problem anymore ? Ok (Not systematically perhaps, and we have made some progress there but really more like hypocritically pushing issues under the carpet rather than having quite reached that level of enlightenment as people I am afraid )
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