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August 15th, 2013, 11:53
Finished Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I know, I know…. Why, right?

Well, it's because they recently released some DLC that caught my interest. People are saying it's much better and much more "Aliens" than the actual game.

I'm such a huge Aliens fan that I just couldn't resist. I got a cheap key somewhere and bought them both.

Oh, boy…. A:CM is a very, very bad game.

It's basically a game without tension and some very bad writing - and it's really 95% mindless aliens or enemy soldiers coming towards you in very, very similar corridors or rooms. There's almost zero variety - and the hardest part of the game is standing it long enough to finish a level.

Every time you think you're getting to something interesting, they decide to put you in another corridor or wide open space with more enemies doing the exact same thing they always do: die as they're coming closer. Sure, sometimes there are enough aliens to make you miss one or two of them, but you're rarely in danger anyway. They're stupid and slow - and they tend to get stuck on the terrain.

It does have a few glimpses of quality - and most specifically during an early level of unarmed stealthing - where there's actual tension and a few cool touches. That's IT for the good stuff.

The few setpiece battles including the Power Loader are universally awful - and the final battle is especially uninspired.

Oh well, I just wanted to get through it so I could check out that DLC. I played it for 20 minutes last night and it's certainly better already.

I always liked the 2010 AvP game - and A:CM makes it look like System Shock 3.

I think I'll just play that next time I'm in the mood for some sci-fi horror with my favorite beasties.





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