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August 16th, 2013, 21:57
Originally Posted by Soulbane View Post

In the novel/short stories, simple humans don't give Geralt much pause (see 'The Lesser Evil' short story, where everyone stipulates he's gonna bite the dust against six very good mercenaries, he himself fuels this notion, and then killes them so swiftly it's hilarious). However, at the end of the last novel he is stabbed by a simple peasant boy with a pitchfork, and dies of the wound (even though two sorceresses are there to heal him). He is hard-pressed against the assassin in the W1 outro, so much so that he is almost bested, and only prevails because of a dirty trick. In the W2, the main antagonist beats him many times. Just a few examples.

So the way I see it, he's not godlike at all. But in this case, he had no real opposition. He's also older and much more experienced, but retains the mutated strength, stamina, and speed. It is also stated in the novels that when he fights, he sees things slow down around him due to the mutation and the potions. These people move in slo-mo for him.

Now, I'm not saying that this vid is not catering for a certain audience as well, but why wouldn't it?

However, in about 2 minutes, it referenced a lot of important Witcher material and touched on key topics (who are the real monsters, what is evil, can it be measured, who has the right to judge) so efficiently that few other trailers manage.

But be it far from me to try to convince you. This is just my opinion.
I know about his abilities - as they go out of their way to explain that to you in the games.

But again, there's a difference between being a good fighter with enhanced reflexes - to 100% perfect execution and timing - whilst looking like a God in slow motion.

It's all down to what you'd expect. I'd expect such a trailer for a typical AAA mainstream game - where they're trying to appeal to the masses.

But I consider the Witcher developers to be different, with a more mature outset and intention.

If people think Geralt would fight perfectly and look like that in a fight against multiple enemies - then I can appreciate your position.

Personally, I like to think of Geralt as an enhanced human with a measure of supernatural gifts - but he's still flawed and could never have such perfect execution and grace.

Beyond that - it's just too much like all the other popular trailers. Honestly, I think it looks like all the others - and I'm having a hard time seeing what's special about it.

Thankfully, I think the actual game is looking fantastic and that's what matters in the end.




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