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August 17th, 2013, 01:18
swotor doesn't seem all that bad from the standpoint of comparing it to kotor, though I didn't play it. Only thing to seem really bad is the graphics which seem to be worse than even kotor which was like 10 years before swotor.

Ultimately it was a silly delusional project that bankrupted bioware, and really was the end of bioware for all intents and purposes. It would have been more merciful if they just stopped making games after EA bought them, but at least the drs can retire with some cold cash.

Silly me I had hoped EA would buy the DnD license and finally make BG III. Nope! They'd rather make a halfassed off brand psuedo RPG instead, and wizards of the coast would rather make NO games than get only a million per game for their license, which they have done nothing good with since gygax was driven off.
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