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August 17th, 2013, 02:04
Originally Posted by rikus View Post
man people are complaining. I've had a blast with eschalon 1,2. not a fan of mass effect, witcher or dragon age. really bad D&D. very nice graphics but really boring and uninspiring. the new indies totally did it for me. eschalon, inquisitor, black fortress, driftmoon. the best rpg's I've played in the last years. and I've played most RPG created since the beginning of computer age(yes, SSI also).
Oh I was there too, with a C64 and much later a 486. Played the SSI Goldbox titles, gobbled up every single TSR licensed game that ever existed. Loved them all.

However, like crpgnut said, it's different tastes. I liked Eschalon but the random loot killed it for me. You look at all of those old SSI CRPGs and what do you see? Static loot. Every chest had the same things, every corner to a maze had the same goodies stuffed within. Even the game my username comes from (dungeon Hack) had static loot…sure the levels were randomized but play the same dungeon rules long enough and you begin to see that the same things appear in approximately the same places.

The loot randomization gimmick, in non-action RPGs anyway, has always seemed like lazy programming. A better balanced game IMO should be set up to dole out equipment in a gradual way so as to keep you on somewhat equal footing with the increasingly hard monsters.
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