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August 18th, 2013, 02:20
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Whoever threatened her or her family should be locked for good.
If true I agree (well maybe not forever but some jail time might make them make better choices in the future).

But her reasoning that fans went frenzy because she's a woman and not because the game sucked is beyond my imagination.
Yeah it's been how long now they have milked this and used it to distract from their bad games?

EA even accused the people who voted them worst company of the year of being homophobes and racists. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Even if everyone who dislikes bioware came together to vote EA the much deserved award it's still a drop in the well. The people mad at them for the decline of the sims have to outnumber them ten to one, and guess what? They are mostly women.

It's not that they are sometimes untruthful they can't seem to say anything true any more.

Man these kind of major accusations just to get your way infuriate me, I hope they try it on the wrong guy and someone sues their silly asses.
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