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August 18th, 2013, 04:22
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
I remember Blizzard wanting you to use your real name as your in their forums and the outrage that came out of that. That is what is needed no more being able to hide behind an anonymous wall.

You don't have to charge or arrest anyone just expose the worst offenders, and the rest will follow or be caught. Anyway that's a pipe dream that will never happen. The internet saw to that.
For all intents and purposes I may as well be posting with my name and address in my sig as it's been exposed by rpg codex, and also because obviously when I sell my game people will have to know who they are forking money over to. But I don't think that's a good idea for everyone.

Mainly because of children, but in any sane society no one under 18 would be allowed on any social sites of any kind. Any parents who don't observe that are negligent and/or quite gullible in my opinion.

But there's also political persecution. I have always voted democrat, and gave 1500 to get Barack Obama elected (and as I said people will be able to verify for themselves once my name gets out). Yet just because some idiot doesn't like that I use actual logic I am now a racist, homophobe, and misogynist and could get harassed on that basis for years on end.

I know it can happen because I just had it happen to me for the last 5 years by rpg codex twonks.

So like everything it would be a race to the bottom. People who are complete losers have nothing to lose, and can spend their whole life screwing with someone. Anyone who disagrees with the party line gets mercilessly harassed and shouted down. Soon, no one with a brain is stupid enough to go against the thought police (of ALL kinds) and debate becomes even more idiotic. RPGs and programming/work related forums are the only thing I care enough about to join a forum, but that's exactly what I see on all the sites I lurk on, or when anything becomes remotely political. Conform or be driven off, and not like slightly conform but 100%.

More and more these aren't even real users but shills. It started off as a big problem for commercial products, then even for tech sites (not just spam but elaborate personas created to covertly market stuff) and now it's a plague on facebook, blogs for political issues and I think it's even creeping into general forums as well. So you better be politically correct, conceal your ethnicity, and go with the flow or you could be in for serious stalking if IDs are all public.

So maybe I did just mean "suck it up" before when it comes to anonymous users.

Forums and social sites are are not the personal marketing sphere of big business. If you get negative responses then unless they break the law and for example make a genuine death threat or defame you by claiming you did things you did not and can prove you didn't and they know damned well you didn't (like my buddy Dark Underlord), tough luck. The USERS deserve the protection, NOT the people selling games.

Bioware's problem is they failed to address real complaints, so of course they intensified. So how to do that?

1. Be honest. They won't do this option, but it is an option. Simply admit you have no interest in making hardcore games or catering to hardcore gamers, then no one can complain.

2. Try to fix it. Bring out a nerdy guy with glasses who has a math degree and likes wargames, tell them what he's doing to make the next game satisfy hardcore gamers more. Tell people hepler is just a writer and then never bring that gaff up again. Would have instantly stopped all problems (though that's not what they want). And again try to be somewhat honest here as well, don't claim stuff you know wont be true. Their main issue is they are incorrigible liars and of course this makes people mad.

Instead they chose all the worst options.

Ignore any complaints completely. Lie about users who complain. Lie about state of games.

So what do you expect to happen? Sorry but again I can't feel the least sympathy here. Constantly aggravating the fans not just with the game but by posting horrible and baseless rhetoric against them is not how you get what you want. That's how a little kid acts, that's how complete losers with nothing to really say act.
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