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August 18th, 2013, 11:36
A forum is only as good as its moderators are, and it's perfectly possible to keep the tone civil without swinging the banhammer all the time. Of course this requires effort, involvement, and common sense by the staff, and that's why many forums are basically just cesspools.

Stripping away anonymity would probably work too, but aside from the technical problems you'd also reduce player involvement in general and make people feel more paranoid.

And about Hepler: Threats of any kind are totally unwarranted and disgusting, especially against her family, and the people having made them should be (in an ideal world) punished. However, her comments and her reaction to criticism were extremely poor, and like someone already mentioned, if you don't want to draw the ire of raving gaming geeks then don't stick the head out and make the statements she made. Thinking the internet community would react to them in a civil way is at best naive.
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