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August 18th, 2013, 12:44
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
If the Windows games box handled updates for each then it would do in place, but it doesn't. Maybe we need an accumulator accumulator…
Exactly. That is exactly what Games for Windows should have been all about if Microsoft had a brain. Downloading/updating games should have long become an integral part of Windows for maximum user convenience. Call it DirectDownload or DirectUpdate or whatever. Should have had the same functionality as Steam and then all of the features that Steam doesn't have but would be nice to have. You know, innovation and technological leadership by offering the best service possible.

Instead MS chose to fuck up Games for Windows in order to force gamers to switch to Xbox for their gaming.
They can fuck with PC gaming all they want. It's going to survive in spite of their lame efforts. Many of the Kickstarters are going multi-platform already with Mac and Linux support and there have been rumors about Valve focusing more and more on Linux for a long time now.
Definitely a smart move by Valve because if you look at Windows 8 and Microsoft's app store that is only the mere beginning of a closed eco system where they could easily lock out anyone -like Valve- who wants to promote PC gaming.

Oh well, I guess we'll have to live with Microsoft's anti-PC gaming stance for as long as the Xbox keeps going though. I mean the Xbox is raking in so much more revenue it's not even funny.
Not only do MS get an additional ~$10 from every single game unit sold on that system but sheeple people are actually willing to pay just for multiplayer capability via Xbox Live. Imagine MS would try to charge people $60/year for providing the Internet-related services in Windows (Windows Live Gold Membership). Redmond would sooo be on fire, you wouldn't need street lights at night across the country in NYC .
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