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August 18th, 2013, 15:35
Originally Posted by greywolf00 View Post
Apparently not super long. Found this in a user review on Metacritic: "It took me 6 hours to beat it on Elite with a Ghost achievement."
You get e-bragging with any game - there's someone on neogaf who's apparently done the Morrowind main quest in 15 minutes (or was it Skyrim?). Brigmore Witches took me personally nearly 9 hours going low chaos / ghost and smelling all the roses en route (lots of lore in the books lying around). Coldridge Prison (opened up fully), new gangland riverside level, new boat level, new mill level, and new mega-mansion with grounds. And as ever with Dishonored, I was sorry to see the credits roll.

This is a generously long DLC with a strong story, lots of new art/assets, new gameplay styles and enemies. This is not just another few hours knocking out guards and hiding corpses. I was really surprised at just how fresh it felt, and the effort they'd made to make the story tight. If you liked the main game, this is worth the $10 - imho the best of all 3 DLCs (though the slaughterhouse level in Knife of Dunwall was also great).

Only minor downside for me was the handholding, eg you uncover a ritual and piece together the clues by carefully reading all the notes and books… only to get a quest marker right to the solution and only one (correct) action that you can take once there (a la Boyle party).
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