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August 18th, 2013, 15:52
I'm a bit more positive about DA:I after some of the recent changes, but this video really underwhelmed me. I just really hope they have a decent vision for what they want the combat to be, and they're not just trying to be all things to all people.

The problem for me with what they showed in the video is that it looked just like an action rpg - ie, you roll behind an enemy to get behind his shield etc. I don't mind that in a game with one controllable character, but I want dragonage to be about party combat. If its all about timing your individual attacks and rolling about etc like dark souls or something, that really isn't going to encourage you to swap between party members. You're going to get stuck playing one character and just leave the rest of the party to computer control. And, if I'm controlling a mage for example, will my pc controlled fighters be any good at carrying off the time-based attacks? If so, if I'm playing a hard enemy, maybe I just leave them to it and throw some magic missiles or something from afar.

If they really want to do a game where your party is computer controlled like Mass Effect, I wish they'd just do it. Hell, I might even like it. But trying to make it an action game and a party based strategy game just sounds like nonsense to me.
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