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August 18th, 2013, 17:40
So they finally decided to go the full action route? Good. It's just a shame that it still looks like a button masher. If it's adding in rolling and player controlled strikes then why not go the Dark Souls route and add parrying, blocking and different types of attacks (i.e heavy, light, running etc)? What the hell is that hook attack?

"We're trying to get the balance between Origins and DA2…"

And now it looks like neither.

Mind you this is a pre-alpha and what we see is such a short gameplay segment. We'll see how enjoyable it is once a demo releases. At least it doesn't look over the top like it did in DA2 with anime style attacks.

But why use the term "strategical" when that translates to The Witcher 2's "strategical" combat of kiting, rolling and throwing bombs? Mind you this is party-based so while your warrior hits away at a heavily armed opponent with a tower shield you could have your rouge sneak behind them to tackle them down. I suppose that's more strategy and tactics than The Witcher 2's system.
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