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August 19th, 2013, 09:48
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
IMHO a game writer that doesn't want to play games is better off writing books.
She was blunt to say it as she said it but she had a point. Games are less and less about their gameplay and more and more about story, immersion or who is chosen to be on the cover.
From that point, it is clear that anything that puts itself between the player and the enjoyment of the game as the player wants it must be open to be skipped.
When players are into stories, immersion etc, the options to skip the non story sequences must be provided.
In games story is a very tertiary concern, the option to skip cinematics or things related to the story delivery is provided. That is for games whose main focus is gameplay. Sounds normal to be able to skip content that brings nothing to the experience a player looks for.
So why should games whose main focus is to deliver a story be deprived of an option to skip non story direct delivery content?

That writer was right in her analysis. But she spoke bluntly, even though she voiced a conclusion brought to her by the way players want their games. Players that put forward story etc should have come up to state that skipping non related to story content is a must have option.
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