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August 19th, 2013, 10:05
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post

And that's probably the reason why I feel so uneasy with most of today's games.

Had she been making Adventure Games, then they would have been perfect for her - but unfortunately she ended up in a company making Action-RPGs.

And - to be honest - who does Adventure games nowadays ? Apart from a few european companies ?

If you restrict the definition of adventure games to means used to implement them, like point and click, not many companies. When you see adventure games for what they are, a lot of companies keep doing adventure games. They simply no longer appear under the point and click form.

Because "Action" always trumps "Story" nowadays.

And that's why "Action" lovers will ALWAYS harass "Story" lovers nowadays

I call this total focus on "Action" the "degeneration in PC gaming". The Action crowd has won and harassed all of the storytellers out off the industry. Hooray.
It is plain wrong. The share allocated to story has been ever increasing in video games.

Games that are now called RPGs are either combat games, that is games the combat is the main focus. Or narrative games, that is games for which the elaboration of a narrative act is the main focus.

For the second, story is all. And that is a lot of the so called RPGs these days. The Witcher 3 is another one, aiming to deliver a plot in the most appropriate manner to players.

Now players might not like the way story is delivered in those games. But it is plain wrong to state that the part allocated to story has been declining recently in video games.
In the past, players who bought their games to be delivered a story were few. Players prefered to look at the gameplay mechanics to buy a game, (adventure games were priced for the quality of their puzzles)
These days, story is a selling point. Players buy theirs games to be told a story, the first thing they look for is the story.

Place of story has been growing in video gaming. It dwarves stuff like gameplay.
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