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August 19th, 2013, 10:57
Another villain who waits for the heroes to come assault their fortress.

Every single expansion since after Burning Crusade has been trying their best to wrangle Hellscream into a villain role. Every instance of him being around was "This guy is evil or incompetent, stop letting him do stuff, it isn't hard. Just relieve him of power."

He sort of worked as a conflicted person who wanted to stray away from the corruption of his father while shining a beacon on his good deeds, but all through the story they kept saying "Nope, we need a villain for a future expansion, got to make it this guy I guess." since they were running out of credible threats from Warcraft 3.

But I just can't see it. The guy should just have a top hat and mustache added to twirl at this point.
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