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August 19th, 2013, 12:25
I don't follow.

You don't really "grab cash and run" in a smart way by giving people early access - unless you intend to blow the full release - which would be a very strange thing to do if you're letting people get into beta this early.

Sure, it's opportunism - but it's nothing more severe than the norm.

Also, there's no reason to expect Ubisoft to care enough about such a narrow title to fund it beyond the most barebones way.

I'm much more surprised at how forgiving people seem to be of the recent Blade of Destiny debacle.

A game THAT unfinished should have been pulled - or the developers should have been much more upfront about its atrocious state.

Obviously, they needed to try and survive - but they clearly cheated the audience with full knowledge.

That's what I call a cash grab. Whether due to sheer incompetence or deceit, I can't say.




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