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August 19th, 2013, 14:49
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Singleplayer is round-robin? That's kinda strange.
It fits the board-game feel they're going after I guess. You go around the table in a fixed order (player first ) and the AI gets to (or seems to at least) respond to your moves. Once the move/build phase is completed for all characters the battle phase takes place (which is again sort of round-robin - certainly sequential rather than simultaneous). It would be nice if they rotated the start position each turn so that you didn't always have to go first. Another thing for the list of 'next time's

I've no way of knowing if it's actually round-robin or simultaneous - the tips in the loading screen said round-robin, and I saw a couple of instances where the AI played cards or acted in a way to seemingly as a result of my actions, but could have been a fluke.

When you play against the AI - the battles happen simultaneously and the moves seem to - but since I haven't actually played the MP campaign against another human being (only tried skirmish), I don't know if you're taking turns in sequence.
When do you play cards for the battles then? Because they're sequential in the single player you can chose to play cards after one battle but before the next (for instance, if you were fighting on two fronts and lost the first, you might play more cards for the second to make sure you won it).

A big part of the joy of the game is the fast and pleasant flow - and if you're waiting around in sequence - that's not ideal
It's still quite fast - in fact I thought it was too fast at first, but yes, as the number of players increases and when they've got enough resources to do several things some of the turns do take quite a while to play out as the computer whizzes through the move/build phase for each AI.
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