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August 19th, 2013, 19:49
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
I just retracked what Hepler said in 2006:
IMHO a game writer that doesn't want to play games is better off writing books.

The unnecessary catering service for casual gamers is against the original design ideas of Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Nerd games with micromanaging, combat tactics, interesting character & party development, exploration etc.

It is false to launch personal threats against devs, but fans of the old Bioware have every right to critisize the new "everything is awesome" design directive.

I personally return to Bioware games, if they become more interesting and challenging for me again.
I agree and I think pretty much everyone agrees that this kind of harassment in the form of death threats is never acceptable. Besides in most countries treathing someone's life is a serious crime. So that side of this discussion is not intresting to me because sane people naturally think its wrong to treath someone's life. Crazy people on the otherhand will do what they've always done and best course of action is to jail them before they can cause any harm.

People are killed daily for stupid reasons, so it doesn't come to me as a surprise that even videogame developers get death threaths. For example people working in customer service jobs get those same treaths for equally stupid reasons. So you'll just to have to deal with the crazies and inform the police about the serious ones.

As for action vs story debate. I honestly don't get Hepler's point. Storytelling in videogames is more than writing bunch of characters, dialogs and cutscenes. Even point and click adventure games weren't always linear and they had some interactivity going on. Adventure games had quite many puzzles for example which hepler seems to dislike.

And by the way its intresting that she mentions deus ex 1 as an example. DX1 doesn't really follow bioware's story structure at all. How could you remove gameplay portions of that game? How could you for instance remove the part where JC has to sneak through abandoned catacombs to the MJ12 hideout in paris? Story content is not only delivered to player via dialogs and cutscenes, but also through datacubes, overheard discussion between npcs, books, computer terminals, newspapers. Even locations themselves tell stories about the deus ex society. You cannot just fast forward through all that and think its the same experience.

I just find it difficult to swallow that a writer for videogame wouldn't like the medium he or she is writing for. Hepler may have been likely exaggerating her point in that notorious interview, but when she bluntly says that she doesn't like any aspects of traditional gameplay (and i mean not just combat parts of video games), it puzzles me a lot.

Imo gameplay and story cannot be separated so cleanly and tidely. Best and most memorable videogames don't even try to.
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