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August 19th, 2013, 20:54
here's my weekend update, the usual, "this is harder and more complicated than it seems" post.


Attack and Damage spells are pretty straight forward to write. Once you have one the rest are very similar.

Its unusual ones like Invisibility and Hold spells that are problematic. Spells that effect the game outside of combat have to be tracked. Old variables that are used to solve old problems have a tendency to get in the way. Invisibility, for example, I allow use for outisde of combat. At some point this wears off and you have to keep track of that. Fortunately, I've decided not to put the status in the save game so I don't have to make sure that works.

How to announce its warn off. How to tell the player their state. This stuff get's in the way. Since it does no damage I made it different from other spells and skipped that part of the dialogue. However, I get random crashes. It seems its because there's some spell object its looking for to erase and I've made Invisibility a void return. We'll find out. Eclipse isn't smart when it comes to bug tracking.

In the future I think a player state stack would be the way to go and then maybe a method or even class specific to tracking the player state is necessary. Of course, you need to do this in reverse for the Enemy. In combat, why would an enemy want to turn invisible for example.

So after you add these things the balance gets affected. I had this same issue with weapons. It makes for interesting design changes and the building of the game becomes more fluid.

If all your spells were just combat spells it wouldn't be very interesting and you would just spam your best spell. So you need to add spells that do things differently. I think I will add Haste next. I'm going to do something crazy there outside of combat.
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