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August 19th, 2013, 21:33
That series is a mystery for me, I played a long time the Mac version of first three but never been that amazed nor never finished any. I also tried played a bit few other but never much.

But I admit that released now with such outdated design rise up a lot the curiosity.

Originally Posted by SiENcE View Post
Early Access don't really bothers me. In a world where DLC, Alpha and Beta is common, no wonder that AAA Publishers join this path.

The only thing that saddens me is, … there are no items to grab from the world. Everything is "imaginary" in chests and only available in menus.

You cannot drop an item from your backpack into the world and back. This makes me sad. I know thats a developers choice to prevent exploits and it's a lot easier to implement. But it's a very crappy design decission!
Prevent exploit? It's more save a lot of 3D model, textures and items design. More time for something else. If also the characters aren't custom through equipments it's even more time and cost saving.

The problem of this approach is perhaps the difficulty to enhance exploration. But frankly very few 3D games setup a good exploration through finding items. It generally ends in highlighted items so replace them by a chest isn't a huge lost.
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