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August 19th, 2013, 22:14
They put thru an update on Sunday that changed a few things. I've had to re-think some of my preview so it might be a couple more days before I get it turned in.

There are some bugs (1 biggie and a handful of minor ones), but the instructions supplied actually specifically mentioned the major one along with a fix. They also made a simple change to one aspect of the game that was a significant improvement to the overall gameplay.

The game is a great deal of fun and certainly has some of that old "just one more…" magic that kept us up late with the old games. I think they did themselves a major disservice with their choice of available classes for the "demo", though. Only 2 of the classes have ANY access to healing spells, and neither of those (archer and caster archetypes) are really intended to fill the healer role, they're more intended as backup healing. With many of the critters having a nasty little ability called retribution that gives them a free attack every time you melee them, you're going to take a lot of damage and you don't really have a good avenue to heal it up. They mention in their notes several times that they still have some balancing to do, and that's true, but it's not bad right out the gate.

I'm a little pressed for time, so it's easier to quickly focus on the problems but be confident that they're on the right track here, folks. They're targeting an early 2014 release, so they've got time to polish up the rough edges. Unless they somehow lose their minds between now and then, this is likely to be a "must buy" for fans of old skool RPG.
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