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August 19th, 2013, 23:05
I have started a new career of commenting games, or even quick review games I never played, so here the review:

Positive points :
- A nice setup of design choices to mix between lower production costs and amount of details and nice looking. In that area it's even more audacious than Legend of Grimrock. I admire that, and feel the result is good for me.
- Good effort on graphics and details, not much stuff look void and empty, plenty look great with a lot of details.
- There's a clear effort to avoid repetitions and apply a fair level of reuse, huge effort for environments, good effort for monsters, fair effort for combats.
- There's a good effort to try build places that don't feel too much linear.

Negative points :
- They forgot design puzzles, secrets, tricks, traps, and the few ambushes are too tiny stuff to be quotable.
- It seems they didn't focused much on lore development, not much dialogs to cover this, no books, no text description of places with the occasion to include a bit of lore, and so on.
- This first release is only one town and 4 dungeons, some NPC and dialogs, about 4/5 quests. I imagine it's a deliberate choice and they tried polished more that small part, but it rise the suspicion that the game size will be a lot too small for the series.

I'll buy the game, but perhaps not yet. If I buy it now it will be just for support and certainly not to play it yet.

EDIT: I love play virtually games I save a lot of time.
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