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August 21st, 2013, 01:45
Hey guys.

Been a lurker on this site since it was initiated back in the day. Decided to finally make an account.

I'm from Perth, Western Australia - the most isolated city on the planet. So if you think you're an escapist…you have no idea.

Some of my favorite games are (in no particular order):
Deus Ex/System Shock/Ultima VI+VII+UW1&2/Freedom Force vs The Third Reich/Arcanum/Planescape Torment/Baldur's Gate II/

Recently just got into the Shadowrun universe, with the release of Shadowrun Returns. The game has it's shortcomings, but wow…the setting, and the atmosphere. Glad to play something fresh, and I am now happy to confess that I'm a total Shadowrun freak. Been hunting for any extra lore I can get my teeth on!

Glad to join the family
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