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August 21st, 2013, 06:30
Basically it's a loot game (like Diablo) so there's lots of combat and looting. Only, unlike all these other loot games, it's got a camera positioned behind your character rather than being a top down view. Also while you have abilities, the regular moves narrow down to light and strong attacks, rolling, blocking and counter attacking which is what you should expect from an action game.

The result is that the combat always remains fluid and dynamic and doesn't become a tedious repeat of mashing one button or spamming your best ability.

The main problem is the loot which could have been fleshed out more but apparently some people keep playing through for the rare finds…

It's a good game for what it is and one of the most enjoyable games I've played of this type. Diablo and Torchlight bore me.

Don't go in expecting something like Dragon Age: Origins. This is an action-loot game with RPG elements pure and simple. It just happens to give the player dialogue choices to make the story more fleshed out.
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