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August 21st, 2013, 19:19
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post

That you are limiting her - implicitely - to only

- RPGs
- Shooters

shows me that you have already begun ignoring that there once had been a much greater diversity of games on the Pc platform :

- Adventures
- Jump & Run.

Somehow, EVERYONE saying/writing something in the sense of your "wouldn't like the medium he or she is writing for" just DOES NOT mean adventure games or jump & run games.

EVERYONE is meaning "RPGs" and "Shooters" when they write "PC games" or "this medium" nowadays.

To me, that's a good sign of

a) the degeneration of the Pc platform
b) how much biased gamers (and especially those DA lovers fighting her) have vbecome. They don't even consider jump & run games as "proper games" !
They just leave them out. jump & run just doesn't exist anymore. Plus, it is considered "immature", "childish" and so on - and that's something DA lovers would most likely NOT want to be seen as. "I am mature, so I want a mature game, not some childish, mindless jump & run game."
That adventure games can be mature as well is simply ignored. That Beyond Good & Evil told the story of the freedom and the power of press - it's ignored. Because they - I'm sure of that - didn't want to play that game because it looked far too "childish" for them.
A serious story told in an colourful setting - that must not be ! They'd argue. If Beyond Good & Evil had been dark & gritty, it would have sold. But not this "colourful shit" …
Alrik, you're putting words into my mouth here

Maybe i'm wrong here, but I got an imperssion that she didn't really like jump&run games either, because those kind of games required decent reflexes/hand-eye cordination and she didn't like that kind of challenge at all.
Puzzle heavy adventures weren't cup of tea either, because she could get stuck into puzzle which would simply frustrare her. A puzzle was her a simply an obstacle which could potentially ruin her enjoyement. Then again its silly to assume this and that, because the interview was done in 2006 and her views may have changed a lot from that day.

And you're barking the wrong tree here. I don't look down jump&run games. I've quite enjoyed sonics, marios, megaman, prince of persias and rayman for example. Very first videogames I've played were platform games (turtles, super mario and megaman 2 for 8-bit nintendo home console). The latest sidescroller I've enjoyed was trine.

As for adventures, isn't beyond good and evil an action adventure? I've read most favorable reviews about it and its one of those games I need to play some day.
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