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August 22nd, 2013, 12:05
Bought the game in a Steam sale more than a year back. Started, quit in 2-3 hours out of boredom…

Tried again a few months later adding FWE + Marts Mutant mod and a boatload of graphical improvements and tweaking, played oh around 80 hours minimum…

Moral of the story: DO NOT play unmodded

Seriously though the World design and post apoc tinkerer/explorer gameplay enhanced by FWE is what makes this game for me. If you enjoy exploring scrounging and tinkering in a setting that is perfectly matched for such gameplay then this is a game you will enjoy (probably as greatly as I did). It also can be made to look about an order of magnitude better than FNV. (edit: Completely agree with mogwins on this aspect as implied, obviously )

If you wanna play a good RPG with decent writing go play Fallout NV instead!

P.S While I am partly being willfully facetious there is no doubt to my mind how much more I like FNV as an RPG… Still very very enjoyable games both…
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