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August 22nd, 2013, 14:17
Yeah, this was written pre-F:NV. I don't know how well it came across, but my intended angle was that if you can forget for a moment that the "FO" in "FO3" stands for "Fallout," adjust your expectations and just take the game entirely on its own merits, you can have a lot of fun with it.

Now, in retrospect to this retrospective, F:NV goes some way to bridging the gap between FO1/2 and FO3. Which, for me, makes it a far better game.

EDIT: @GhanBuriGhan. Yeah, you're spot on. The game is far more enjoyable at the beginning when you're underpowered and scavenging the wasteland for anything to give you a slight edge over your enemies. Once you've fully tooled up, which happened midway through the game for me, there's very little incentive left for exploration, as unique items and NPCs are few and far between. Which is basically the same problem I had with Skyrim.
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