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Lightbulb Elementary, My Dear Holmes: A Point and Click Adventure Game on Kickstarter!

August 22nd, 2013, 14:28


Hi everyone! I'm here to talk to you about our upcoming game and current Kickstarter project: Elementary, My Dear Holmes. It's a point and click adventure game starring legendary sidekick John Watson on an epic quest to prove that Sherlock Holmes is just a jerk.

Elementary, My Dear Holmes is a point-and-click adventure game, like the awesome ones we played as kids by companies like LucasArts and Double Fine. Like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, we’re making a game where you once again suffer from the terrible infinite pockets affliction, and are forced to store everything from a whisky bottle to a weird painting about intelligent peaches for further bizarre combining use. Solve puzzles that we’ve done our best to not be incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t a game developer! Obviously, using that gnome plus a watermelon on the revolving door will create an interdimensional portal! Obviously.

Feel free to drop by our Kickstarter, or fire off questions at us here! One of our dev team will be monitoring the thread, and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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