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August 22nd, 2013, 15:48
The reasons for respawns in G1 are for a specific storyline plot reason, they are not just some extra beasts to kill for exp' - similar in G2, the purpose relates to the fact that NH is an avatar of Adanos the god of animals, there is a timed (quest sequential) purpose when you may and when you may not kill beasts or orcs, a very little understood aspect of the gothics by the many who have played. It is all written in a *subliminal* (indirectly suggestive) way in the game's lore books.

For these reasons the gothics examples used this thread are meaningless, try some other examples such as Inquisitor etc' - you must also ascertain the differences between hack-&-slash (action oriented, eg: filler respawns) and quest related (plot) respawns.

Also distinguish and clarify "enemy" ? - do you mean "anything that can be killed? or what?
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