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August 22nd, 2013, 23:10

here comes in no partiucular order what I found out (it's considerable less than last year) :
  • Epic Mickey 2 will appear on the PC - only when, that is the question.
  • Rayman Legends will appear on the PC, too. Single-player as well.
  • Warner Brothers Software or how they are called do on online game based on Lego Chima.
  • They also do an Marvel Heroes Lego Game.
  • Rebate Codes for Rise Of Venice (from the "The Patrician" makers" and for Demonicon in the Pricewatch thread. Only valid for www.amazon.de and only until late September this year.
  • Demonicon was playable full in English language.
  • Found this : "the turtletubes : youtube.com/TheTurtleTubes - seemingly by Turtle, this hardware company.
  • The Presenter presenting the new Thief game (by Silver Style, I think) actually mentioned twice the word "action sequences".
  • The person (a developer ?) of the above mentioned Chima game was actually very polite and told me that the game is currently in beta stage and that they'll listen to comments if you try the beta out, too. Some advices from players will most likely be implemernted in the game later, he said to me.
  • Soundblaster/Creative : New : Earphones with soundcards build in !
  • Other soundcards can nowadays reach the look and almost the size of modern graphics cards …
  • One product can be tested which isn't even out yet …(Estimated release : End of August.)
  • Never seen such an desktop shell for windows before : ww.3deaspacesys.com I found this quite innovative !
  • Competition or so : "mifcom.de" or "facebook.de/mifcom" (it's an hardware company)
  • There are 2 Might & Magic online games there, too : One of them is a card game called "Duel Of Champions"
  • There's an "Halo Champions Bundle" thing, too, but I don't know what this is. Google says it's an expansion of some sorts.
  • Said Duel Of Chamions is F2P, too. Needs an "UPlay Account", though, it seems. Never used UPlay, so I don't really know what this is.
  • Odd : "The Epic Mighty Quest For Loot" or how it was called. It's almost an satire on modern Action-RPGs.
  • MMX : Old school RPG gaming galore !
  • Disney has launched their Skylanders clone : "Disney Infinity". Was playable for/with Wii U.
  • Is said to be coming to all ? consoles, no PC, though.
  • These figures also look like tiny statuettes. Cute.
  • Asking very, very, very, very, very, very, very politely and nicely can get you an specimen of Tropico 3.
  • Tropico 5 is announced, but not playable. Missed the presentation.
  • Booth had Tropico music playing there, too.
  • The Retro Gaming areas is much, much, much bigger than in the years before !
  • Didn't see any Indies that I recognized - if there were any at all.
  • They sell now earplugs against the noise in the hallls (at the "clearing" counters, 50 Cent per pair).
  • I'll try to get more info on other games tomorrow.

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