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August 23rd, 2013, 13:42
I can't say I hated FO3, I had some fun with it. Some.
It had Bethesda written all over the place, means short, sometimes boring, sometimes annoying and completely uninspired story with added endless respawns with a level cap. Someone mentioned a mod in the thread that lowers XP gain, and I have to repeat, how can a game be good if it needs such mods, why didn't they just remove bloody respawns then you won't grind your level to the cap in a couple of hours. But it's same old "makes games for intelligentia subnormalis" Bethesda.

FO3 is utterly different from it's predecessors, it's lowIQ and childrenfriendly game. Someone said F:NV is the real FO3, in a way I can agree, but in another way, can't.
Per Josh Sawyer decision, bizzare things you may stumble upon can be unlocked only with a trait - now that is not what FO1/2 were.
Bethesda's crap endless respawn and grind to the levelcap is happening in FO:NV too, again, that's not what FO1/2 were. Hell wtf is that low levelcap for anyway? FO1/2 had levelcap on level 99.
"Mature" perks like sexperk, pornstar, childkiller, etc, are removed from FO:NV. Again, dumbing down what FO1/2 had.
But with everything else, FO:NV was more FO3 than Bethesda's FO3 will ever be.

As I said, I had some fun with FO3. But was it so good I'd replay it like I did with FO:NV recently? No. Never.
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