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August 23rd, 2013, 15:57
Originally Posted by Kostas View Post
How far have you gotten into it?
25-30 hours into it when I've played the most. I've gotten to Vegas a couple of times. I didn't like how Vegas was broken up into so many separate cells.

Been trying to get into it at least 5 times - and each time the sloppy technical state, uninspired visuals or crashes prevent me from enjoying it.

I do like the writing and lowkey NPCs - but I don't like how you seem so guided along a set path through settlements.

It doesn't seem to have as many random locations with cool bits in it - and I've been struggling to find them.

But, then again, I'm very much an open world kind of guy - and I'm much more into immersing myself and exploring than I'm into following a semi-linear story with decent writing.




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