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August 23rd, 2013, 15:50
Red Dawn (2012)
A failure on every level. Bad acting, probably due to the terrible script, no supense, not much action. Nothing good to say about it. A clear F.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
The story is the typical "aging [enter profession here] is no longer in demand and needs to re-invent himself on a professional and personal level". So no surprises there. The great ensemble pulls it off though. It looks as if Carrell, Carrey, Buscemi, Arkin, Gandolfini and to a certain degree (more serious role) also Olivia Wilde were happy to be unrestricted by the need for "realistic" acting. The show acts and the dialog scenes around them are spectacular, funny and full of humor and satire. The vanilla drama parts are kept to a minimum.

Despicable Me
This is a slighly too long animation film with a superb first 20 minutes. The 'Minions' are so cute! 1/3rd is great, 1/3rd solid filler material and 1/3rd good but not always consequent enough. It was meant to be harmless comedy … but so harmless? I guess that makes it a B. Especially the beginning is definitely worth watching though.
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