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August 23rd, 2013, 19:14
Originally Posted by Igor View Post
I agree with the coments on FO3 that it has atmospheric post apocalyptic setting, I for one have watched the movie ''The Road'' and playing the game I was emerged in to the world.Where without a doubt FO:NV is better crpg in so many aspects, I didn't felt like I was in the wasteland.So yes for the setting to play once or twice for the doubt can be FO3.
But for a crpg fan the FO:NV is obligatory.
FO3 definitely had better atmosphere than New Vegas - that's one of the things Bethesda does best: world design and, by relation, atmosphere. I always felt like I was in some wannabe western with New Vegas. While the Fallout franchise has some parts of the western genre, I don't think it should comprise 90% of a game.

Also, in terms of atmosphere, I'm thinking that FO3 was simply more fun. New Vegas was obviously the better CRPG, but in terms of fun standout moments, there really isn't much beyond the Battle at Hoover Dam. Fallout 3 had a giant, rampaging robot, a Cthulhian-inspired dungeon, a slaver camp w/ a caged Super Mutant Behemoth, and surely others I'm forgetting at the moment.

Plus you could blow up a town:

If Bethesda can ever implement Obsidian's writing and quest design alongside their world building, we'll have one helluva good rpg, Fallout or otherwise.
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