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August 24th, 2013, 02:55
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Also, in terms of atmosphere, I'm thinking that FO3 was simply more fun. New Vegas was obviously the better CRPG, but in terms of fun standout moments, there really isn't much beyond the Battle at Hoover Dam. Fallout 3 had a giant, rampaging robot, a Cthulhian-inspired dungeon, a slaver camp w/ a caged Super Mutant Behemoth, and surely others I'm forgetting at the moment.
I suppose that rather depends on how you get your kicks.

The Fallout series up until 3, despite its overtones of 50s camp, was fundamentally grounded in reality. Other than the day to day business of surviving in the post-nuclear hellscape, the people were recognisable as people, factional, flawed, political people.

In Fallout 2, Vault City asks you to blow up a town because its nuclear reactor is leaking radiation in to the groundwater and is threatening to kill them all. In Fallout 3, Alastair Tenpenny wants you to blow up a town because it spoils the view from his balcony. One is a typically human, xenophobic and short-sighted reaction that we can understand. Kill or be killed. The other is the plot of a bad comic book from 20s, with characters completely unrecognisable as humans, even psychopathically deranged humans.

Even taking FO3 as game apart from the Fallout series, it's jarring and immersion breaking to keep encountering these aliens in human clothing, and they're everywhere. Factor in the complete disregard for series canon and you have a game almost custom made to annoy RPG fans and fans of the Fallout series alike. I suppose it can be fun if you're looking for something like a Saint's Row game, where bizarre things happening is the point, but as an exercise in world building it fails on every level.
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