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August 25th, 2013, 12:33
DoubleBear Productions has a new post-funding update showing new screenshots, and giving out more information about the Pax Demo.

With PAX only a week away (we will actually be on the show floor showing the game at this time next week, whoa!), we thought we should show you a few more screens from the demo.

Here’s what we’re showing off in the demo:

-The first 2 days of the game (with an abbreviated intro to get into the action faster)
-First look at the starter allies
-Dialogue reactivity to decisions, ally deaths, and ally requests
-The shelter and the shelter’s job board for assigning ally tasks
-Group combat, several weapons and armor types, statuses, and healing
-Zombies grapple, bite, and can takedown humans
-Allies/enemies killed by zombies will come back as a zombie
-A more dangerous group of human enemies
-Daily Results screen
-The Area Map
-Several combat areas
-New music tracks and sounds

Played through completely, it takes roughly thirty minutes to finish the demo, with several factors that can change the experience for each player. We’ll be there to give a brief tutorial and answer questions along the way. The demo is based on our Alpha build, and as a work in progress, you can expect some changes from now until release.

We’ve got DoubleBear pins to trade for evacuation notices (look for our personnel handing them out on the show floor), shirts for sale (including Friggin’ Chikin shirts), and for the first 100 or so people that play the demo per day, a special piece of swag.
More information.
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