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August 25th, 2013, 23:18
Originally Posted by Moorkh View Post
There ought be enough of those old-school fans to disregard trying to reach new crowds - if you do your thing well enough, that is. Old bastards like us are burnt children and as such prone to skepticism and bitterness.
I wonder, though, about the status of this project - Guido has gotten a bit quiet, lately.
The thing is, Guido doesn't seem to limit himself to splendid isolationism. It started with Thorvalla, where he specifically wanted to build a card-based combat system that isn't traditional (not in Western RPGs anyway). Also with Deathfire, he hasn't said that he simply wants it to be a nostalgia project. He has said that he wants the game to be "fun", first and foremost, and that he wants to do some things that haven't been done before in first person party based RPGs. I think after all this time developing rather obscure games he's aiming for, or at least would like to reach, a bigger audience. Which would be understandable for someone who worked on Neverwinter Nights.




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