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August 25th, 2013, 23:46
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
You mean this:

I haven't heard of it, honestly. Is it any good? I mean… Visually it's good, but since it looks as MMO met singleplayer, the question remains is it fun?
Anyone has it?

Oh and it's on greenmangaming too with a few user reviews:
As usual, users don't say do enemies endlessly respawn, is the story at least interesting and etc.

But a word of warning. GMG wants me to pay 24€ for it. The official site however asks only $30. So make sure you check first where you want it.
I can't find it on gamersgate.
Regarding the game, I played only a bit of the beta and not the final version yet but the game uses a hub system, where the vendor, crafting stations and quest givers are. You get a quest and talk to a especific NPC who will leave the player at the place of the quest (a instanced area). As these areas are only available during the quest, respawn normally isn't a problem, but some quests endings force you to run to a platform to call for the return transport and in this point enemies don't stop chasing you until the the vehicle arrives. But I liked the game (except for the save system, the game doesn't save inside a quest area and if you dies, is necessary restart)

And I guess I confunded Greenmangaming with Gamersgate, fixed in my post.
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