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August 26th, 2013, 01:54
Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
$60 for the box, $15/mo, and they're going to have a cash shop. All for a single player game that happens to be online. What a joke.

I love the idea of sub-based since F2P is utter trash for MMORPGs. But since TESO isn't going to BE a MMORPG and is going to be a massively single player online game like GW2, and since all of the ez-mode MMORPGs that feature heavy solo (wow clones) haven't been worth subs, no way is a single player game worth a sub.
I don't play MMO's much so I don't really know, but how does having the ability to play solo make it not an MMO? You can still play with other people if you want right?

Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
Everything that's good about Skyrm and ES - high quality PvE, insane immersion, deep story lines - none of that is really possible when you throw thousands of players into the same world. The quality and immersion get flushed when xXDrizztXx goes screaming doodspeak naked across your screen and 20 other imbeciles are putzing around near you.
This sucks in every MMO I've ever briefly tried so I'm not sure why it would suck anymore or less in TESO.

Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
And why…does a game franchise that's been around for over 10 years of doing some of the best PvE now shift to PvP? Why PvP? It makes zero sense. Here's some compelling PvP for you. Click. Click and hold a bit to hit harder. Click. Click. Click a bit longer and release. Oh yeah, that's GOOD PvP action there.
Exploration and modding are what draw me to Skyrim. Not story or PvE, although Skyrim's PvE is much better than Oblivion or MW 's was IMO.

Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
I have no idea why people are enthusiastic about this game. It's not going to be Skyrim 2 and it's not going to be an MMORPG. Everything about it sounds horrible. I can only surmise that most people are dumb as rocks.
I assume you mean mainstream enthusiasm because I haven't seen much around here or in my circles.

I will give it a try if you can truly play it solo. Since exploration is my #1 draw to ES games I would think an MMO setting that can be updated often would be a good fit.

I will say though I am worried about running in to " xXDrizztXx" and if I do too often it will probably cause me to quit.
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