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August 26th, 2013, 08:45
Here's the clarification by Brian Mitsoda:
I just wanted to respond to everyone asking about why we're showing the demo at PAX and not releasing it to backers or pre-order folks right now. Just so everyone knows, it's more of a scheduling issue than anything else.

-There will be a video of the demo released after PAX
We don't have the time to put up a completely narrated thirty minute video right now, but we will put together a video of the demo after PAX. Most likely, there will be plenty of footage of the demo out there during and after PAX too. PAX prep is taking up a lot of our time right now - it was always our intention to do one public showing to do some publicity for the game, but just PAX because it's in Seattle and we don't have the time or budget to do more than one convention. We don't do press often, so this was the easiest way for us to do a lot of press at once.

-Releasing a demo as a consumer product requires a lot more work than showing it off ourselves

Showing off a demo and releasing a consumer version are two entirely different projects. When we show it off, we're there to guide players through the demo, answer questions, explain controls or systems, and take care of any technical issues if they arise. Releasing it to the public requires us to remove non-essential files from the build, add in more tutorial text, thoroughly test our release candidate, and finally, figure out a distribution method.

-We will eventually release the demo, though we wanted to add some more polish and features to it first

We've been talking internally about releasing the demo at some point, however, we would like to add in additional features and polish to release a expanded PAX demo that offers a more finalized version of the game. There are a few elements of the demo that we simplified to make it easier and faster to show, which we would prefer to add back in for a consumer version. We've also received a lot of team feedback that we would like to address to make the demo experience smoother, especially when we're not around to explain work in progress issues.

-We need to make time in our schedule to put out a demo release.

To release a consumer version of the demo, it needs to be treated like any release and that's going to require fitting the consumer demo into our schedule somewhere. It will need to be a separate branch of the build that contains just the parts of the game relating to the demo. That's something we have slotted closer to Beta on the schedule, but we'll need to determine the best time to get that done. I know everyone who backed it wants to play the demo, so please be patient with us. Getting the actual game out is our top priority, but we'll do what we can to get a demo out there for you.
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