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August 26th, 2013, 10:04
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
I heavily doubt so. I can't see much of a story nowadays - yes, I'm biased, I know - especially with all of this mindless hack & slay.

Adventure games ? Who plays adventure games nowadays (apart from Germany) ???

LucasArts GAVE UP Adventure games - the games they got big with in the first place ! - for Shooters. AND failed.
I guess that is because the stories as provided by games today are not wished to be called stories, just to keep the illusion that nowaday, games do not come with stories.

Story has grown big. If Tetris was to be made today, it would come up with a story.

What game does not come with a story these days? Even sports games come with a story mode these days.

So called RPGs? Most of them no longer bother to provide a role playing experience, it is all about delivering a story.

Shooters? They come with a story.

Sports games? They come with a story.

Strategy games? They come with a story.

RTS, RTT? They come with a story.

The number of video games titles that do not come with a story is low. I cant think of one at the very moment.

Can someone provide a few?
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