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August 27th, 2013, 16:08
German here. It still makes me snicker to hear any talk about "Aventurien" aka Aventuria in English.

I play *all* games in English, mind ya, because somehow fantasy HAS to be English in my mind. But Aventuria… I just can't imagine this fairy tale sort of world I played as tabletop since I was 12 in English at all. hehe

EDIT: Ok watched the trailer now. It seems even Aventuria isn't the fairy tale world I knew it in my youth. Sigh. Back then it was an everlasting present time, never really changing, always with benevolent Emperor Hal ruling and just some mystery. Then… they thought they had to bring epic scale destruction to Aventuria. To bring drama of Apocalypses. sigh…. I wish Aventuria had remained that fairy tale place of my youth. But then, I feel the same about Batman comics.

All this gloom and doom people love so much these days… I dislike it.
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