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August 27th, 2013, 21:48
@Those interested in chains of satinav:
GOG only offers the English language as it seems. If you want to play it in the original language (german) you should probably get it on steam instead.

Totally agree. Also don't like the stuff which is in the…lets say "extended universe".
Don't like the whole post apocalyptic stuff (though I am normally a post apoc fan) and also the steampunk stuff found on the other continent isn't my taste. So you just pretend it doesn't exist.

And that is actually why…

…I didn't mention Demonicon.
It's a hack and slay game set in a world which has basically absolutely nothing left of the classical franchise. So yeah, while it is technically set in the universe, like a Planescape Torment-First Person Shooter would be a Dungeons and Dragons game (to give a non German example) and there is a vague story connection it does not reflect the actual franchise at all.
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