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August 28th, 2013, 01:30
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
I'd enjoy running our level 18's again, and occasionally our 20+'s. Perhaps we should run our 'regulars' 3 weeks a month and alts the other week(s) unless we know people are going to be absent. This would give us more flexibility too.
That's a good idea, now that The Savage Dragon has someone to run with the 18's. The only real question then is does Peter have someone in range? He's traditionally been the hold up on most level ranges, since he only has 6 that either sit at cap or Tr constantly.

Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Between party mix, specific quest experience, and the total number of folks we've got, I'd say we're looking at running raids over-level across the board. To my mind, our goals are more about running new-to-most-of-us content and collecting new-to-us loot than XP or even favor. If we end up running DQ on normal with level 20 toons, I don't particularly have a problem with that (although with items now having normal/hard/elite versions, it probably makes sense to run elite if we can manage it).

After some thought, I think our primary "non-Friday-8's" goal should be getting The Savage Dragon capped on 2 toons—one for running epic content and one for TR. Most, if not all, of us have toons ready to bring around on TR and I expect most will do the TR pretty soon once the enhancement fiasco (grumble, whine, grumble) settles. I don't know that we'll form another "thou shalt stick together" group since we've got a loooooong way to go with our 8's, but having a 2nd lifer with improved gear available to run with that wave of TRs should improve Flerida's enjoyment significantly. At a bare minimum, her having an epic toon will dramatically improve our flexibility to deal with absences on Fridays if everyone has the option to pivot to lvl20+ toons where content level, toon level, favor, and bravery largely become meaningless.
Older named items generally only have one version; no one has bothered to do a loot pass for the older gear, raid loot or no.

I agree that it would help out flexibility to have everyone with a epic (21+) character and a character in position for a TR.

On a side note, I will more likely be working this Saturday after all. My machine went haywire at work, and I won't swear that it'll be fixed tomorrow morning. In fact, I highly doubt it. At this point, I have two and a half days' worth of work to catch up on, and I'm planning a 15+ hour day tomorrow, if I can push it past my supervisor, to try to avoid anyone working Saturday. On the flip side, we have a new CNC 2nd shifter, so I may be cutting back the hours soon. Once I'm caught up.
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