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August 28th, 2013, 02:05
To my mind, e.g Game of Thrones surely has a story, even one that I quite like when I can make meta-strory commentaries with friends, but quite certainly written in a context of a target group of youthful male audience. I dare say almost any female that has done sports can state that the barbarian no-hardware dancing scenes are rather silly for such a practical race.

While Ms Hepler possibly might have suffered the brunt of a culmination of an era of RPG low, to my mind this should have had nothing to do with DOA:2 that was still a pretty decent title.

Dragon Age Origin set aside, what was there anyhow after Baldur's Gate series, Torment, Morrowind or Neverwinternights 2 inbetween? In view of sorry state of RPG story telling in general, why should she have merited a hostile reaction?

I would say that only The Witcher has been that interesting addition, yet assuming that female gamers shall take the "barbarian titty-dancing" humorously, as I do with Game of Thrones.

This said, I could no longer like the sequel TW2 due to attitudes portrayed in the gameworld (besides what I thought was a poorly console-port gameplay), and I cannot say there are so many titles that almost anyone can resonate to with an equal mesure be they a boy, a girl, a hetero or a gay.

Most often, these are Stories for Boys, really. And looking at BG:2 - a good story requires a lot of writing effort that needs craft besides money, IMO. The way Jaheira was inter-weaved into a lot of time or encounter triggered content in context of carefully written lore and dynamic to the lead player and party members… this has not been replicated, really - and is money the only obstacle there?
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