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August 28th, 2013, 02:59
You can do the same thing as you did in M&M 3,4,5 where you back up and shoot arrows at the enemy and kill them before they get to you but it is one at a time so you can have magic users cast spells also.

You do get healing spells from the Earth and Light elements with regeneration from the Earth element being available right away and Heal from the Light element available when you get expert in Light. You can get Earth for your Archer which gives you good spells like Entangle (to keep the enemies away so you can shoot them) and regeneration. (so you can have your Archer do something else in melee range)

You could always have a different party composition with one Defender, Archer, and two Mages. Give the Defender Warefare and have him take all attacks, have the Archer concentrate on ranged and Earth, and one mage will be a healer, buffer, debuffer, and the other be an attack mage.
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