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August 28th, 2013, 05:11
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
As far as I understand it it's like this:
In your "square" you have like 2 in the front and two in the back.
The back can shoot arrows, the ones in the front cant because they are in melee.
And you can only fight with enemies if they are in the tile next to you.
Nope. Your party can be thought of as a single line. If the monsters are not in an adjacent tile, you can use bows and magic. "Line of sight" is usually 4 tiles, but since the monsters get first move, you'll end up with 3 tiles of "awareness" which means 2 empty tiles between you and them at the beginning of combat, which means 2 ranged attacks before melee per fight without using tactics. If the monsters are in an adjacent tile, you can use melee and magic. Spells with range can still be used in "hand to hand". Bows, however, cannot currently be used in "hand to hand".
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