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August 28th, 2013, 10:08
Thanks for the preview, dteowner!

First improvements

My early impressions (playing on hard):

+ game in the tradition of Might & Magic World of Xeen
+ turn based combat
+ tile based movement
+ 4 player party + 2 hirelings
+ you need food to sleep
+ weapons and potions are rare (not much looting)
+ hidden walls in dungeons
+ some puzzles
+ challenging combat (at least with the demo default party on the high difficulty setting)
+ chests can be traps that spawn enemies
+ leveling is hard

- enemies just stand on the map (only when you come too near combat starts and they begin to chase you)
- day night cycle too fast (every 20 steps or so)
- food can only be bought at the tavern (only up to 6 ) -> that causes much wandering between the dungeons and the town
- dungeons are not real 3d -> you can't jump/fall one level for example
- NPCs are not fleshed out -> underwhelming
- tile based movement a little bit slow
- some technical problems / resource hog / save game too big & gets corrupted sometimes / gfx card on the edge
- unbalanced loot selection
- some more monster variety pro dungeon would be nice
- the GUI is sometimes slow and not responding

-/+ gear is breaking fast / (maybe because I have still the very cheap stuff)
-/+ repairing things cost always the same (not depending how many things are broken, or their value)
-/+ shops are not refilling (in the demo)
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